Automotive QM




* Automotive customer quality issue handling in Korea

* Failure analysis report, 8D report generation

* Customer Quality Support during design in of customer module

* Customer inquiry (product related documentation like Q-pack(Qualification package), PPAP(Production Part Approval Process))

* Customer quality training i.e.) Semiconductor manufacturing process, QM process, ESD awareness training, Quality system(PPAP, ATV qualification procedure like AEC Q std, AEP), semiconductor qualification(AEC Q100)

* Customer quality audit support


*5 to 10 yr experience in semiconductor industry as quality eng'r or process eng'r or customer interface eng'r

* Experience in semiconductor plant or as customer quality eng’r is preferred

* Good communication skill is required in Korean, English, Middle- high writing skill in English

* Cooperative / positive aptitude

* Excellent problem solving technique like 5whys, fault tree analysis including 8 discipline

* knowledge, risk assessment of quality problem

* Knowledge of semiconductor frontend, backend process

* Knowledge of failure analysis methodology and quality system like PPAP

* Knowledge for ATV application is preferred.

* IGBT module experience is preferred regarding HYBRID vehicle.



* Status: Permanent        
* Salary: Negotiation
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* 담당자 – 강승희

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