Magnetic Sensor Application Engineer


Job Description

*  Provide technical support/design guide for magnetic sensor product and applications.

*  Identify customer opportunities and response to customers request for magnetic sensor ,technically lead it to design in/business win

*  Contribute to future product roadmaps

* Research on the product/application requirement from customer and markets

* Evaluate and verify product performance in reference to customer requirements

*  Technical presentations, product promotions and trainings to customers and distributors

*  Support innovation activities

*  Research magnetic sensor application/Sensor system and technical paper & patent

* Design and develop reference designs for magnetic sensor application

*  Technical support to solve the quality issues of products in application level

*  Continuously build-up and maintain good relationships with customer R&D engineers



Over 3 yr experience in Automotive industry

*  Good understanding/Experience on magnetic sensors and applications

*  Familiar with automotive systems & applications (Body/Chassis/Powertrain, at least one)

*  Moderated English communication skill

* Passion to research/ Good analytical skills /Fast leaner on new topics

* Positive/ Cooperative aptitude to customers/colleagues

* Strong Ownership of customers project/issues


Preferred/Advantage Attributes

*  Experience on Magnetic simulation tools (MAXWELL)

* Design experience on automotive applications (magnetic sensor/pressure sensor/motor/ others)

* Knowledge of the magnetism/Electromagnetism

* Writing experience on Technical paper/patent

* Knowledge of ISO26262/EMC

* Experience on MCU firmware/HW design/High level language (C/C++, MATLAB , MATHMATICA, LABVIEW..)

* Field of study on Electric/Electronics /Physics/Software/Mathematic/Mechatronics



* Status: Permanent        
* Salary: Negotiation
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* 담당자 – 강승희

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